The League of Human Rights

The League of Human Rights provides quality legal assistance to refugees and migrants in the Slovak Republic. Legal and integration assistance to foreigners Legal representation in terms of asylum proceedings. Legal assistance to victims of hate crimes Information services for people from Ukraine. Interpreting services in the Integration Centre of the Košice Region and in the Assistance Help Centre in Bratislava. Professional and educational events in the field of human rights, migration and integration of foreigners.

In cases where the legislation allows it, HRL represents strategic cases in courts or in international human rights bodies. HRL advocates for the development, promotion and implementation of the Slovak migration, asylum and integration policy, which respects human rights and dignity and considers diversity as a benefit for society.

The League of Human Rights

Hlavná 68, 040 01 Košice
Phone number of the Integration Centre of the Košice Region: 0911 720 105
Phone number: 0918 366 968, 0918 857 715


Facebook: @Ligazaludskeprava

Instagram: @humarightsleague